Welcome to Lahti Search Consultants

Lahti Search Consultants was established in 1997 as the first executive search firm to work exclusively on enrollment management searches for colleges and universities. We remain committed to this critical area in higher education and have assisted nearly 250 institutions by identifying and placing qualified candidates.

Institutional Focus

During the search process, Lahti Search Consultants develops a comprehensive understanding of each institution and its unique opportunities, challenges and enrollment expectations. This knowledge guides how we customize the search to attract the best-matched candidates who will thrive and be successful for the institution.

Candidate Network

Our extensive network of colleagues and practitioners in the enrollment field allows us to successfully identify and cultivate current and emerging leaders.  Enrollment professionals know and trust Lahti Search Consultants and welcome contact from us. We engage in open and direct dialogue with candidates throughout the search process, which results in a diverse and talented candidate pool.

What people are saying

The firm is professional, experienced, and flexible. Their smaller size and focus on the area of interest to us made them stand out from other firms that are larger and that are more comprehensive. That specialization was just what we were looking for. They clearly understand institutions like us. Every part of the search was customized to meet our particular needs, while the broad experience brought by the firm helped us to shape the process in a most professional way.

Pomona College
David Oxtoby