St. Lawrence University

William Fox

We turned to Lahti Search Consultants in our effort to recruit the right person for the position of vice president for admissions and financial aid because we wanted to engage a firm that had a vital national scope and reputation. The Lahti network and contact list is the best in the business. Potential candidates return their calls.

All of our expectations were met during in the search process—a diverse and talented pool was developed, and the communications stream with all channels was superbly managed. The firm knows how to listen, how to dispel worries, and how to respect the particular traditions of a campus.

I have had considerable experience with numerous firms, and Terry Lahti and her colleagues are the gold standard by all comparative measures—responsiveness to the client, delivery under timeline pressures, and, most importantly, providing wisdom in what it takes to develop a competitive offer. I would recommend Lahti Search Consultants because they know the marketplace for highly experienced, senior level leadership better than anyone else; they recruit with an aim for fit (that is, no generic fillers); they will provide creative possibilities, giving the search a range of diversity, and they understand the work of the president in building an effective team in the most realistic and personal terms.