Santa Clara University

Michael Sexton
Vice President of Enrollment Management
Santa Clara University

I’ve known Terry since we met in admissions in the mid-1980s. She has always been one of the sharpest in our profession and had the track record to prove it. Her entry into the enrollment search business was a logical extension of her wisdom and 30+ years of networking in the business. Twenty-six years after we met, she contacted me about the “right” opportunity, and she was correct.

Smart, caring, networked, knowledgeable—that’s how I’d describe Lahti Search Consultants. Did I say smart?

Lahti Search Consultants does one thing, and they do it well. Whether you call it a niche or boutique firm doesn’t matter. Their singular focus means they can stay incredibly close to the market and maintain high quality, personal, extended relationships. As someone who has been “handled” by other firms during previous employment searches, I can tell you how nice it was to have a continuous, open, and candid dialogue with Terry and her staff throughout my candidacy. And it continues to this day. She still checks in on how things are going, three years later.

Although potentially awkward, I recommended Lahti Search Consultants to my previous institution after they recruited me away to my current position. I simply told the provost how much they knew about the college through their thorough research on my work. After due diligence, Lahti Search Consultants got the job and was able to hit the ground running.