Pomona College

David Oxtoby

Lahti Search Consultants clearly has the strongest experience in the liberal arts college admissions sector. That specialization was just what we were looking for during our search for a Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid. They clearly understand institutions like us. Their smaller size and focus on the area of interest to us made them stand out from other firms that are larger and that are more comprehensive.

Terry and Richard did an excellent job. Every part of the search was customized to meet our particular needs, while the broad experience brought by the firm helped us to shape the process in a most professional way. The beginning on-campus sessions, in which they learned about our particular character and needs, were particularly outstanding.

Lahti Search Consultants is professional, experienced, flexible, and committed to supporting our particular needs. For a liberal arts college doing a search in admissions, there is no better firm.