Drake University

David Maxwell
Former President

We received proposals from several firms in response to our RFP to help us hire a Vice President for Enrollment Management. Ultimately, Lahti Search Consultants was selected on the basis of:

  1. their experience and track record in admissions searches
  2. the fact that the practice was limited to admissions/financial aid suggested a much more in-depth understanding of the field, its issues, and potential candidates
  3. obvious synergy between Terry and Sandy on the one hand, and our Drake team on the other
  4. very strong references from previous clients

Working with Lahti Search Consultants was among the very best experiences that I’ve had. They did a superb job in helping our team understand exactly whom we needed and why, and in listening to our disparate voices to understand the right fit for Drake. They produced a strong applicant pool and provided expert guidance to the search committee on evaluating candidates, preparing the committee for telephone and off-site interviews, and managing the candidates.

Our expectations were extremely high, given Lahti’s track record and references, and they were fully met—even exceeded. Terry was extremely helpful when our top candidate, who was offered the position, declined. She aggressively reopened the process and produced more top candidates, reassured me that the sky hadn’t fallen, and ultimately gave us Tom Delahunt, who is the perfect fit for Drake and who has done an incredible job for us.

Terry and colleagues are very smart. Very perceptive. Sensitive. Persistent. Confidence-inspiring. They have great knowledge of the field, are the best at what they do, produce superb results (certainly in our case), and are a joy to work with.